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The Endowment Ceremony

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It's amazing how speculative stories and speech is interwoven into the biblical account. My, it does 
appear that Adam and Eve had some joy in the Garden of Eden before the fall. And the part about 
Eve being formed ... well apparently Adam is put into a deep sleep so that God can remove a literal 
rib but former LDS President Kimball says this is figurative. 

Another part of the video I found odd is about the garments:

According to the text version, we have this wording:

SECOND LECTURER: You have had a Garment placed upon you, which you were informed represents the 
garment given to Adam and Eve when he was they were found naked in the garden of Eden, and which is 
called the "Garment of the Holy Priesthood." This you were instructed to wear throughout your life. You 
were informed that it will be a shield and a protection to you inasmuch as you do not defile it and if you are 
true and faithful to your covenants.

NARRATOR: Brethren and sisters the garment which that was placed upon you in the washing room is to 
cover your nakedness and represents the coat of skins
spoken of.  Anciently it was made of skins. You have 
received the garment, also your New Name. The officiator will represent Elohim at the Altar. A couple will 
now come to the altar. 

But they are wearing a green garment with symbols of fig leaves! They never wear what looks like coats 
of skin. If you listen carefully, the Mormon women are priestesses, but to their husbands. For the rest of 
their lives the Latter-day Saints covenant to wear what God had rejected in the Garden of Eden.

And apparently Heavenly Father also ate the forbidden fruit on his planet.  

I also saw another video at This video (starting 
around 00:16:30), it incorrectly portrays Adam falling asleep outside the garden and Eve being formed 
there. Thereafter, both Adam and Eve (after Adam awakes from his sleep) are introduced into the 
garden. It depicts them wearing the green aprons (the garments of the priesthood) - the same type of 
which God rejected. 

One cannot help but be surprised Mormon initiates don't leave their church after seeing what happens 
in this ceremony, wearing the rejected garments, and performing the masonic handshakes.

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