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Avoiding Personal Apostasy - by Elder Claudio D. Zivic Of the Seventy

Source: Ensign » 2009 » June (local copy)

I want to focus on three key points in the article:

"The gospel reference guidebook True to the Faith defines “apostasy” as the act of individuals, the 
Church, or entire nations falling away from the truth."

"We need not be concerned about the possibility of another apostasy of the Church of Jesus Christ."

"I testify that we can avoid the mists of darkness that lead to personal apostasy by repenting of 
our sins, overcoming offense, eliminating faultfinding, and following our Church leaders."

This is the way for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to say that everything she 
teaches is the truth (whether it be in Gospel Principles, Gospel Fundamentals, the Ensign
magazines, or other training manuals). In her mind, she will not teach falsehood.

Anyone disagreeing with the teachings of the Mormon Church enters personal apostasy 
according to her because you refuse to believe her leaders.

So when the Mormon Church teaches in the existence of a Heavenly Mother, that Jesus became 
a God, or that heavenly father was once a man who became a God, you must believe it as a 
truth or you are in danger of personal apostasy.

When the Mormon Church teaches the Trinity is 3 Gods, that Eve taken from the rib of Adam
is figurative and not literal, or that you can become a God, then following the Bible instead
of following the incorrect Mormon teachings puts you in the position of committing personal 
apostasy (Strange, isn't it?)

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