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Changes in the 2009 version of Gospel Principles

Underlined text marks something as new. Not all changes have been compiled, but only what seemed at least moderately notable. The 
most salient changes are marked in yellow. The removed parts are dashed-through. We recommend taking a special look at the 
changes made in the 2009 version in chapter 47.  The author is Aaron S.

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1.  Our Father in Heaven                                20.  Baptism
2.  Our Heavenly Family                                 21.  The Gift of the Holy Ghost
3.  Jesus Christ, Our Chosen Leader and Savior          22.  The Gifts of the Spirit
4.  Freedom to Choose                                   23.  The Sacrament
5.  The Creation                                        24.  The Sabbath Day
6.  The Fall of Adam and Eve                            25.  Fasting
7.  The Holy Ghost                                      26.  Sacrifice
8.  Praying to Our Heavenly Father                      27.  Work and Personal Responsibility
9.  Prophets of God                                     28.  Service
10. Scriptures                                          29.  The Lord's Law of Health
11. The Life of Christ                                  30.  Charity
12. The Atonement                                       31.  Honesty
13. The Priesthood                                      32.  Tithes and Offerings
14. Priesthood Organization                             33.  Missionary Work
15. The Lord's Covenant People                          34.  Developing Our Talents
16. The Church of Jesus Christ in Former Times          35.  Obedience
17. The Church of Jesus Christ Today                    36.  The Family Can Be Eternal
18. Faith in Jesus Christ                               37.  Family Responsibilities
19. Repentance                                          38.  Eternal Marriage
20. Baptism                                             39.  The Law of Chastity
40. Temple Work and Family History
41. The Postmortal Spirit World                         The Articles of Faith
42. The Gathering of the House of Israel                Glossary
43. Signs of the Second Coming                          Hymns
44. The Second Coming of Christ
45. The Millennium
46. The Final Judgment
47. Exaltation
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