Mormon Temples

The LDS Church believes that they are instructed to build temples throughout the world. According to the Book of Mormon, even 
Nephi built a temple.

Where is it written that the Jews were not to build anymore temples but in Jerusalem?

There are three main reasons for this - and they form the basis of much of the Old Testament writings and a key event of the 
New Testament. There was only one ark of the covenant which was in the holiest of holies. One ark only, thus one temple only. 
The site of the temple was the site where Abraham bound Isaac and then God provided a substitute. This is the same site where 
Jesus atoned for the sins of the world.

Well-meaning (devout) people can build as many temples as they want, but God did not tell them to build it for these very 

I have done several searches of Zion, temple, and house. Many are found here: Psalm 5:7, 9:11; 9:14; 26:8, 48:2; 48:9; 48:11; 
50:265:4; 68:29; 69:9, 79:1; 92:13; 116:19, 122:1; 135:2; 138:2.  They indicate the importance and significance of Zion and 
the temple. The key ones are Psalm 116:19, 122:1-5; 135:21, and Nehemiah 1:9.

The spot for the temple and its contents are very significant.

The two most important ordinances in the temples are 1) celestial marriage and 2) baptism for the dead.  The living are 
baptized for the dead in a font such as is depicted below:

1) The New Testament Christians did not practice any form of celestial marriage in the Jerusalem temple.

2) The molten sea upon the twelve oxen that Latter-day Saints use to baptize for their dead was really used in the Old 
Testament Temple as a ceremonial washing basin for the priests and not something to baptize for dead people in (see 
1 Kings 7:23-26; 2 Chronicles 4:2, 6).

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