Will Latter-day Saints return to Missouri for the Second Coming of Christ?

Yes. Missouri remains the land of promise for the Mormons.

Chapter 7 - Faces Eastward and the next 2 chapters of Gerald L. Lund's book "The Coming of the Lord" has much 
more discussion of the Mormon hope to return east some day to Jackson County, Missouri in preparation for the 
Second Coming of Christ.

Apparently the Lord will lead them with cloud by day and fire by night to their land of promise in Missouri -- that 
will hardly be inhabited because of some calamity there. According to a prophecy, "The western boundary of the 
state of Missouri will be swept so clean of its inhabitants that as President Young tells us, when you return to that 
place, there will not be left so much as a yellow dog to wag its tail


The chapter starts on page 86 (of 198). The City of New Jerusalem must be built by the Latter-day Saints before 
Christ can return.

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