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LDS Source Material

Holy Bible (ESV) -
Holy Bible (KJV) -

The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price (online).

Basic Doctrines (2009, online, local copy).

Basic Doctrines (2012, online, local copy).

Book of Mormon - Teacher's Manual (online), Student Manual (online, mirrored site for teacher, student).

Catechism for Children (online, 28 mb PDF file).

Coming of the Lord (online) - a look into the LDS future.

Dictionary of Gospel Topics (online, alternate).

Discourses of Brigham Young (online).

Doctrine and Covenants and Church History - Gospel Doctrine Teachers Manual (1999, online).

General Conference Reports (online). Content search (online).

Gospel Doctrine - by Joseph F. Smith (1919, online, mirrored site).

Gospel Fundamentals (2002, online, mirrored site).

Gospel Principles (1997, mirrored site).
Gospel Principles (2009, html and pdf, mirrored site).

History of the LDS Church (online, mirrored site (vol1, vol2, vol3, vol4, vol5, vol6, vol7).

Jesus the Christ - by James Edward Talmage (1922, online).

Journal of Discourses (online).

Nursery Manual - Behold Your Little Ones (2008, online, mirrored site).

Preach My Gospel (2004, online).

Preparing for Exaltation: Teacher's Manual (1998, mirrored site).

Religion 225 - Foundations of the Restoration Teacher's Manual (2015, online, mirrored site).

Religion 234–235 - Eternal Marriage Student Manual (2001, online, mirrored site).

Religion 301-2 - Old Testament Instructors Guide (1982), mirrored

Religion 327 - Pearl of Great Price - Student Manual (2017, online, 2000 version, 2017 version).

Religion 327 - Pearl of Great Price - Teachers Manual (2017, online, mirrored site).

Religion 341-343 - Church History in the Fullness of Times Student Manual (2003, online).

Religion 345 - Presidents of the Church Student Manual (2003, online).

Religion 430-431 - Doctrines of the Gospel Student Manual (2004, online, mirrored site).

Songs - A collection of sacred hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Europe (online, 9 MB PDF).

The Way to Perfection (1931) - by former LDS Church President Joseph Fielding Smith

Teachings of Presidents of the LDS Church (in PDF format):
     Joseph Smith - 1938 (online, mirrored site).
     Joseph Smith - current (online).
     Brigham Young (online).
     John Taylor (online).
     Wilford Woodruff (online).
     Lorenzo Snow (online).
     Joseph F. Smith (online).
     Heber J. Grant (online).
     George Albert Smith (online).
     David O. McKay (online).
     Harold B. Lee (online).
     Spencer W. Kimball (online).

True to the Faith - topics in alphabetical order (online, mirrored site).

Word of Wisdom pamphlet (mirrored site).

The Plan of Salvation - 2008 (mirrored site).

The Restoration - 2008 (mirrored site).

The Gospel of Jesus Christ - 2008 (mirrored site).

The majority of LDS teaching manuals can be found at these sites:

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